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How Full Spectrum Panels Can Help You Stay Beautiful

Full-Spectrum Panels Help You Stay Beautiful

Optimal Health TRT in is proud to help you get the best understanding of your overall health with a full spectrum panel. A physical exam and routine lab work will confirm that your body is functioning as efficiently as it should. Through this article, we will describe the different areas a full spectrum panel analyzes and how it serves as an anti-aging tool for our providers. 

What Areas Does A Full Spectrum Panel Analyze?

1. Complete Blood Count (CBC)

This is one of the most common blood tests that are included in a physical exam. This test measures the number of red blood cells (which carry oxygen), white blood cells (which fight infections), and platelets (help with blood clotting) traced in your blood. A CBC will be able to tell your provider the number of new blood cells your body is creating and the size and shape of your blood cells. This test is able to detect many potential health risks such as vitamin or mineral deficiencies, bone marrow disorders, and infections. Treating these deficiencies can have tremendous anti-aging effects on your joints, energy levels, and skin.

2. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) 

CMP is a screening used to evaluate the health of your organs and to screen for conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease. Glucose, calcium, and sodium are among the 14 different substances that are measured in your blood to determine your body’s chemical balance and metabolism. CMP can help detect or diagnose liver disease, kidney disease, and blood sugar levels. 

3. Urinalysis

A urinalysis is a simple test of urine given by a sample you provide in the clinic. Factors such as color, clarity, odor, and pH levels help providers manage and detect a wide range of disorders, diseases, and infections. This includes urinary tract infections, liver disorders, and kidney issues.

4. Lipid Panel

A lipid panel is a complete cholesterol test. Patients are asked to fast for 10-12 hours to determine accuracy.  High cholesterol usually presents with no signs or symptoms. A lipid panel is used to determine the amount and types of lipids contained in your blood. This could determine if your cholesterol is high or if you are at risk of a stroke, heart attack, or other cardiovascular disorders. A lipid panel can assist providers with the diagnoses of diseases or disorders such as chronic kidney disease, Hypothyroidism, and Pancreatitis.

5. Thyroid-stimulating Test (TSH)

TSH is a test to determine your hormone levels. The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland located in the front of your neck and is in charge of the distribution of hormones throughout your body. The release of these hormones controls how your body uses energy and regulates many vital functions such as breathing, maintaining body weight, sleep, heart rate, and muscle strength. This screening can assist with the diagnosis of thyroid cancer or thyroid nodules. TSH providers also can determine whether you’re predisposed to hyperthyroidism (hyperactive thyroid) or hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). 

6. Testosterone – The Male Sex Hormone

A men’s health examination should include testosterone levels. In men, this hormone regulates sex drive, muscle mass, energy, and even mood. Having low testosterone has been linked to several conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, and obesity. Older men are more likely to develop low testosterone levels. Testosterone level exams should be considered for men who are experiencing changes such as decreased sexual symptoms, reduced energy, difficulty thinking clearly, depressed mood, or diminished strength. Though blood work can be a bit alarming for some, the trusted providers of Optimal Health TRT want to assist you with your journey to become a better and optimal version of yourself.

How Can Full Spectrum Panels Help You Stay Beautiful and Young?

Although it may be hard to admit, as we age our bodies do not function and look the way they used to. With age, the consequences of wrinkles, loss of body mass, erectile dysfunction, and low hormone levels are more noticeable. A full spectrum panel serves as an anti-aging tool that helps doctors determine the cause of your condition and enables them to navigate treatments for your aging signs.

Routine labs will allow your provider to develop goals for your body’s blood, hormone, and nutrition by getting a detailed look at how various parts of your body are operating together. With constant data points, our experienced providers can compare your results and detect any potential health risks or irregularities. With the correct diagnosis, you and your provider can find a treatment plan to prevent or treat any issues or deficiencies. 

Optimal Health TRT will be able to help you with treatments such as hormone replacement therapy and peptides to enhance your health. These treatments have many separate benefits that include but are not limited to improving low hormone levels, erectile dysfunction treatment, increasing body mass, improving skin elasticity and complexion, reducing cholesterol and diabetic levels, and enhancing immune system capability. All these benefits will help you feel rejuvenated and beautiful from the inside out. 

Am I A Good Candidate For A Full Spectrum Panel?

Anyone can benefit from routine exams and lab work so if you are interested in receiving a full examination of your health call 888-265-8120 to make an appointment. Our providers have over 20 years of experience using various treatments to enhance men’s & women’s wellness & beauty.

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